We are looking for a kind dog loving family who wants to take care of a sick puppy. We bought her off here from a breeder that lied about her conditions and her breed.
When we got her, she had fleas on her, a hot spot from the flea that irritated and really hurt her, they also claimed she was dewormed but this was not the case. These breeders are claiming to sell "Pure Siberian husky pups" which they aren't. Our pup is a mixed chowchow/husky pup of 8 weeks old only, she is black with a white underside. She is currently being treated for her flea infestation and deworming. She had her first set of shots done so already and her hot spot cream is almost completed and healing up good. She is very sweet, attentive, and is trained to pee/poo on a training pad. We have spent a lot of money to save her and treat her, and she is on her way to being healthy again. Now, we just want to find her a good home with someone who can handle her excessive attention needs and has the time to care for her more closely.
She will come with a large size crate, toys, food supplies, training pads, water/food bowl, leash and collar, and dog shampoo. Basically, everything you need to take care of a pup.
Please contact us if you are interested.